Personal connections tool to build relationships thoughtfully

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What is Knei? ✨

Knei is a web app to build individual relations with people. It helps people with diverse personal network, including expats, professionals, and grown-ups, keep in touch and maintain individual relations. In other words, Knei helps users to think why, who and how they interact with.

Knei can be called a personal CRM to manage contacts and track the state of various relationships.

What Knei can be used for? ✨

Here is the description of fundamental Knei app capabilities. These will help you to build relationships with the stakeholders of your community and other people in your life.

  • Connections list. A user can create the dedicated page of the person they know. It can include name, brief description, locations of origin and residence, birth date and affinity group (close people, friends, mates, acquaintances).

Each person has a relationship status to assign: Dormant -> In touch -> Buildup -> Active. This status displays how actively the user interacts with the particular person.

  • Based on the affinity group, Knei can send email reminders and relationship digest. That way, user can stay aware of the people they should reach out to.
  • Related news search. Knei app can fetch the news that is related to the person’s interest.

Currently news is available for the country of origin, country of residence and interest obtained from personal description.

  • Monitoring of the content changes that happen on the person's any "no-login-required" page. Knei app will compare the page text content between the current date and the last time the user checked.

Features ✨

  • Connections list

  • Email reminders and notifications

  • Talk notes

  • Voice input

  • Related news search

  • Social handles

  • Personal webpage listening

What are the limitations? ✨

We don't know any constraints. If you know, please, write a review.

Languages ✨

  • English