What is ✨ is an online community solution that enables creators and brands to build and manage their custom-branded online communities of fans, followers, and customers.

What can be used for? ✨ can be used by community builders for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Creating customized communities: Builders can customize their community space with their branding, themes, and essential features that resonate with their audience.
  • Content monetization: Community builders can monetize their content through subscriptions, one-time purchases, or tiered membership fees.
  • Event hosting: provides functionalities to host live events, workshops, and webinars, enhancing the community experience and offering more value to members.
  • Educational resources: Builders can create and offer courses or series that are educational, providing value and learning opportunities to the community.
  • Challenges launching: provides a comprehensive suite of tools for community challenges, including member management, content customization, winner selection, reward distribution, flexible durations, personal calls, upsells, participant emails, progress tracking, and sales page creation, all designed to optimize operation, engagement, and revenue.
  • Analytics and insights: The platform includes analytics tools that help community builders track engagement and growth, allowing them to make informed decisions to improve their community strategies.
  • Integration with major chat platforms: seamlessly connects with popular chat applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, and Discord, allowing for a unified community management experience that includes automatic data capture and enhanced interaction capabilities. has implemented a simplified fee structure that includes two main types of fees:

  • Processing Fee: This is a flat 8% fee on all transactions. Community managers have the option to either absorb this fee themselves or pass it on to their community members.
  • Payment Processing Fee: Charged by the payment gateway to cover the costs associated with securely processing transactions. The specifics of this fee can vary based on the country as supports local payments in various regions.

Features ✨

  • Ruby AI for WhatsApp

  • Paid Membership

  • Event Management

  • Audience Management

  • Challenges

  • Courses & Coaching Builder

  • Newsletters

  • Content Library

  • Chat Integration

  • Website Building

  • Analytics

What are the limitations? ✨

Here are some potential scenarios where may not be the best fit:

  • Highly technical or specialized communities: Communities that require specialized tools for software development, scientific research, or other highly technical activities might find's general tools insufficient.
  • Large-scale enterprise needs: Very large organizations or enterprises might require more customized solutions that integrate deeply with their existing corporate systems and IT infrastructure.
  • Communities needing advanced data security and privacy: Communities dealing with sensitive information, such as health-related data, may require advanced security measures.
  • Communities with complex membership structures: Communities that need to manage complex membership hierarchies with varying access levels and permissions might find's features limiting.
  • Need for extensive customization: Communities that require extensive customization in terms of look, feel, and functionality might find restrictive.

Languages ✨

  • English