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What is Waves? ✨

Waves is an advanced tool designed to improve community management on Slack. It helps community managers save valuable discussions, build a knowledge base from Slack conversations, and improve member engagement with detailed analytics and targeted communication. Waves makes it easier to manage and retrieve information, enhancing productivity and community interaction.

What Waves can be used for? ✨

Waves provides a suite of tools for community managers on Slack to enhance engagement, simplify management, and leverage analytics. Here are the key ways community managers can use Waves:

  • Archive and Search Messages: Preserve and search through Slack messages beyond the platform's limit, creating a valuable knowledge base.
  • Analytics and Health Monitoring: Utilize robust analytics to monitor community health, track member activity, identify trends, and understand engagement across channels.
  • Re-engagement and Member Targeting: Identify inactive members, lurkers, or other specific groups within the community to create targeted re-engagement campaigns (including activity- and interest-based DMs), boosting participation.
  • Automated Engagement Tools: Automate multi-steps onboarding flows and direct message campaigns to maintain engagement and simplify repetitive tasks.
  • Custom Member Insights: Gain detailed insights into each member’s activity, preferences, and history, allowing for personalized engagement strategies.
  • Channel Optimization: Analyze channel performance to make informed decisions about which to promote or restructure.
  • Email Digests: Send automated email digests with top content to keep members informed and engaged, even outside of Slack.
  • Ad Integration in Digests: Monetize community engagement by integrating ads and sponsored posts into email digests.
  • Flexible Subscription Management: Easily manage who receives email digests, with options for automatic subscription or member-selected frequencies.

Waves is a fit for small to medium-sized communities looking for robust features at an affordable price. The platform is user-friendly and straightforward, making it accessible even for beginners without requiring expert knowledge. Moreover, Waves provides excellent support, including direct contact with the founders for any inquiries related to the platform or community management.

Features ✨

  • Save Slack threads in #channels

  • Searchable archive

  • Track member activity

  • Channel analytics

  • Automated multi-step onboarding

  • Bulk DM campaigns

  • Send messages from your account

  • Direct message workflows

  • Automated email digests

  • Member Directory

  • Member insights

What are the limitations? ✨

Waves is NOT for communities with a $0 budget as they have no Freemium.

Languages ✨

  • English